DCALC Update Log

Update Program Description
12-13-2020 DCALC New version of DCALC with perpetual license. Can be installed on Oracle's VirtualBox (see DesignCalcs manual, Chapter 14).
12-13-2020 DRYSTACK Designs a limestone wall without soil reinforcement.
11-15-2020 PLATE Minor revision, eliminating an out-of-date VB6 control displayed.
10-09-2020 DRYSTACK New prorgram. Designs a retaining wall constructed with limestone, without soil reinforcement.
09-16-2020 CULVERT Correction to bottom slab moment computation.
09-10-2020 CULVERT Corrected live load width distribution for fill less than 2', to agree with LRFD
07-23-2020 SPLICE Correction to net area computation for flange splice plates.
06-23-2020 INTEGRAL Calculations were printing the incorrect beam seat elevations.
06-16-2020 SUBLOADS Corrected an error introduced on 6-3-2020. Was not reading reactions for DC2 and DW correctly from PCBRIDGE file for prestressed beams.
06-12-2020 SEEPAGE Correction to earth dam geometry part of code.
06-11-2020 CULVERT Further corrections to shear calculations.
06-10-2020 CULVERT Incorporated special shear capacity provisions for culverts, described in Section of LRFD Code
06-09-2020 CULVERT Further corrections to new version. Incorporated ability to export analysis file to FRAME.
06-07-2020 CULVERT Substantial revisions made for 2 and 3 cell box culverts.
06-03-2020 SUBLOADS Correction to how program was reading reactions due to DC2 and DW.
06-02-2020 PIER Increased the number of beams.
05-29-2020 BRIJBEAM Fixed program was not printing the shear capacity of interior spans.
05-25-2020 PASSIVE New program. Computes log spiral passive earth pressure against a sheeing surface using a numerical method described in the 2011 CALTRANS publication, "Trenching and Shoring Manual", as developed by Shamsabadi, et el.
05-15-2020 SHTPILE Corrections to calculations for sheeting with multiple soil layer designs: cantilever sheeting printed stability calculations; added passive pressure reduction if front is sloped.
05-14-2020 SHTPILE Further corrections.
05-12-2020 SHTPILE Corrections to "multiple layered" soil entry option. Revised how weight of slope is applied. Corrected water pressure so that resultant is only the head difference.
04-10-2020 BURSPIPE Corrections to formating of printed calculations.
04-10-2020 RETWALL Corrected LFD calculation not printing heel design in some cases.
02-24-2020 PIPEBRIJ Correction to stress computed for channel between two longitudinal beam.
02-19-2020 PLATE Correction to how line loads are computed.
01-21-2020 PCBRIDGE Revisions required for combinations of debonded and draped strands. Improved input method for entering debonded strands lengths.
01-08-2020 CULVERT Corrections to footing pressure check for "U" shaped culvert.
01-07-2020 CULVERT Corrections to live loading. Additional calculations for checking footing of "U" shaped culverts without bottom.
12-23-2019 FRAME Correction to reaction computed for "Force-Z" due to load combinations.
09-03-2019 PCBRIDGE Corrections made to eccentricity calculations.
08-23-2019 PCBRIDGE Added ability to design debonded strands.
08-13-2019 SPLICE Correction to bolt slip check for Service II loading. Previously applied "phi=0.8" to slip resistance. Now uses "phi=1.0" for checking Service II.
08-05-2019 PCBRIDGE Added user option for enter "E" of concrete manually.
07-29-2019 SPLICE Fixed an internal error for composite splice design.
07-11-2019 COLUMN Correction to moment magnification for rectangular columns.
05-24-2019 SHTPILE Added sloped dredge line condition and "depth to ignore" in front of sheeting.
02-26-2019 CBRIDGE Corrected calculation for minimum reaction of special vehicles.
01-15-2019 DCALC Interface with the DesignCalcs website has been changed to a secure website, to fix security issues that were occuring when connecting to the website.
01-04-2019 PIPEBRIJ Program was changing the rod size, due to a duplicate variable name.
12-12-2018 DCALC Recent Windows updates have caused DCALC to crash whenever it checks the DCALC website. Users must "allow scripts" when these Internet exchanges occur. A message has been incorporated into DCALC, prompting users to allow scripts, everytime an DCALC connects to the website.
11-28-2018 PIPEBRIJ Correction to maximum support reaction calculation.
11-16-2018 CULVERT A few corrections were made.
11-15-2018 SPLICE Revisions due to new 2017 LRFD Fatigue Load Factor (LF=1.75 Fatigue I, 0.80 Fatigue II)
11-15-2018 PCBRIDGE Revisions due to new 2017 LRFD Fatigue Load Factor (LF=1.75 Fatigue I, 0.80 Fatigue II)
11-15-2018 BRIJBEAM Revisions due to new 2017 LRFD Fatigue Load Factor (LF=1.75 Fatigue I, 0.80 Fatigue II)
11-15-2018 CBRIDGE Revisions to fatigue truck load factors, per 2017 AASHTO LRFD Table 3.4.1-1. Now Fatigue I LF=1.75 (previously was 1.50)
11-15-2018 CULVERT Designs a culvert with open or closed bottom, per the AASHTO LRFD Specification.
08-29-2018 LOADER Increased the number of spans this program can accomodate.
08-14-2018 PCBRIDGE Added a debugging file DCALC_TEST2.TXT, which will be created everytime the program runs.
07-24-2018 SHTPILE Recompiled the program.
07-09-2018 PILEWALL Added a note to calculations, clarifying why depth D=1.2*D0 using the simplified pressure distribution for permanent cantilever walls (per AASHTO LRFD).
07-03-2018 GEOMETRY Correction to arc length computation.
05-23-2018 CBRIDGE Corrected an error in the reaction calculation for very short bridges.
04-18-2018 PIPEBRIJ Added channel bending stress check.
03-27-2018 PIPEBRIJ Another option for longitudinal support beam, using channels at each rod location.
03-07-2018 LOADER Revised Obtuse Corner Correction Factor (OCF) per IDOT ABD 15.3
03-06-2018 LOADER Correction for computing LRFD distribution factors (not using IDOT simplified method)
03-02-2018 LOADER Added IDOT skew shear modification factor.
02-28-2018 DECKELEV Improved the accuracy of arc length calculation.
02-28-2018 DCBRIDGE Improved accuracy of arc length calculation.
02-14-2018 BRIJBEAM Allow user to override warnings about exceeding flange thickness and width dimension constructability criteria. (This feature incorporated for existing bridge projects where such ratios were exceeded).
02-07-2018 PILEWALL Included a warning if slope angle exceeds "phi" of soil below dredgeline, if Coulomb pressures are used below dredgeline.
12-22-2017 BEAM Added moving load capability.
12-06-2017 PCBEAM Recompiled program (was not working on some computers).
11-30-2017 ABUTMENT Corrected the total summation horizontal force indicated in the stability table for service load case.
11-30-2017 PIER Corrected a problem selecting column design file for the case of more than 9 columns.
10-24-2017 PIER A revision to the braking force calculation for double bearings. BR is treated as occuring on the entire bridge, not on separate backstation and upstation beam units.
10-18-2017 PIER Braking load calculation revisions: Added multiple presence factor. Corrected the maximum braking load for the case of a pier under an expansion joint (was too conservative).
10-09-2017 PIER Corrected an error reading PCBRIDGE loading data.
09-01-2017 VIEWER Corrected a printing problem, which was causing printing to lock-up in one case.
08-04-2017 PILEWALL Added a soil "Arching Capability Factor", for applying passive pressure to an effective width of the drilled shaft.
08-03-2017 PILEWALL Detailed calculation was not printing the correct location of maximum moment for tied wall condition.
07-27-2017 VIEWER Corrected an error which was occurring while reading the PIER output for a particularly large calculation.
07-20-2017 RETWALL Program was not printing the toe design for LRFD, in some cases.
05-03-2017 PIPEBRIJ Various correction to the pipe support case without transverse channels.
04-03-2017 INTEGRAL Added metal shell pile input. Added option to change orientation of H-pile.
03-20-2017 PCBRIDGE Correction to section properties computation for modified bulb-tee. The "g" item had an error in the "Y" distance to c.g.
03-16-2017 PTBEAM Correction to a printing error, which occured for PT beams with more than one span.
02-24-2017 BEARINGS Added an option for prestressed beam bearings, for how to compute composite load reactions at piers.
02-23-2017 BEARINGS Corrected a run-time error that was occuring for prestressed beam expansion bearings input (error created during last revision).
02-16-2017 PIER Corrections to stream and ice force computation.
02-09-2017 BEARINGS Program was not reading the PCBRIDGE output correctly.
02-07-2017 SEMI-INT Revised modeling of piles in structural FEM model. Corrected printed output (was not showing all pile reactions).
01-22-2017 PCBRIDGE A revision to the ulitmate moment calculation for the case where the depth of the compression block extends below the slab into the beam.
01-12-2017 MODAL Added a note that MODAL cannot use Raliegh's Method output from DYNAMIC.
01-09-2017 PCBRIDGE Allowed for entry of strands at fractional distances from bottom.
10-18-2016 GLOBSTAB Various improvements.
10-18-2016 MSEWALL Various improvements to make compatible with GLOBSTAB.
09-30-2016 INTEGRAL Correction to longitudinal pile moment for temperature. Was using 1.2 load factor for TU loading. Now applies the user's load factor.
09-28-2016 VIEWER Increased the number of pages viewer can display.
09-28-2016 INTEGRAL Increased the maximum number of piles which can be used.
07-28-2016 CBRIDGE Correction to a spelling mistake in the output.
06-30-2016 PCBRIDGE Correction to required concrete strengths for LRFD designs shown in the display of stresses.
05-24-2016 INTEGRAL Added a formfeed character to output calculations prior to DC1 computation.
04-21-2016 SPLICE Revised infinite life stress range used for Fatigue I per 2012 LRFD code.
04-08-2016 PIER Added multiple presence factor.
04-08-2016 SUBLOADS Added multiple presence factor.
04-02-2016 INTEGRAL Corrections to "pinned on top" pile fixity analysis.
04-02-2016 SUBLOADS Correction to output for abutment skew angles when user does not use DCBRIDGE.
03-22-2016 SUBLOADS Revision to reading live load reactions from PCBRIDGE output file.
03-21-2016 PIER Revision to reading live load reactions from PCBRIDGE output file.
03-21-2016 PCBRIDGE Revision to live load reactions written to output file
03-04-2016 FRAME Increased the number of load cases.
03-04-2016 PIER Corrected an error occuring for saving FRAME input file.
01-18-2016 GIRDER Correction to minor section property calculations for riveted built-up girders. "Y" was redefined as starting from bottom of bottom plate, as opposed to bottom of bottom angles.
12-23-2015 STLBEAM Correction to load case titles in printed output for non-composite beams.
11-04-2015 PIER On first page of output, removed line saying "Design Method" as redundant information (since "Design Specification" is also shown).
11-03-2015 CBRIDGE For special vehicle shear calculation using AASHTO Standard Spec, shear computation was corrected.
10-29-2015 STLBEAM Output was not printing number of shear studs required in some cases.
09-28-2015 PIER Fixed an potential file error when saving a Column Design File.
07-27-2015 BRIJBEAM Correction to Standard Spec detailed calculations of positive composite flexural capacity.
07-15-2015 COLDWALL Designs cold-formed steel exterior curtain walls and interior walls, per AISI S100-2007.
07-15-2015 COLDBEAM Designs cold-formed steel joists, per AISI S100-2007.
07-15-2015 COLDFORM Computes various capacities of cold-formed steel members using AISI S100-07, producing fully detailed calculations
07-08-2015 CONCBM Program was not allowing a concentrated load directly over left support.
07-08-2015 STLBEAM Program was not allowing a concentrated load directly over left support.
07-08-2015 BEAM Program was not allowing a concentrated load directly over left support.
04-23-2015 BEAMELEV Corrected an error that was occuring with piers/abutments with 0 degree skew and curved station lines causing program to crash.
04-23-2015 DECKELEV Corrected an error that was occuring for piers/abutments with 0 degree skew and curved station lines causing program to crash.
02-23-2015 SEMI-INT Various corrections made. Increased number of piles allowed. Corrections to printed output.
02-11-2015 BRIJBEAM Added option for checking Grade 33 steel (older bridges built 1936-1963).
02-11-2015 SPLICE Added option for checking Grade 33 steel (older bridges built 1936-1963).
01-29-2015 DECK Correction to top bar design. Was incorrectly comparing negative moment to 1.2*Mcr.
12-02-2014 UNLINEAR Various corrections made. Uploaded new Chapter 14, "Non-Linear Structural Analysis Using DCALC", which explains the theory of this program.
11-26-2014 BEARPRES Correction to effective weight used in bearing pressure equation when water table is within the failure wedge.
11-05-2014 UNLINEAR New program. Non-linear frame analysis. Uses model generated in FRAME. Analyzes frame using a iterative approach that takes into account changes in geometry and plastic hinge formations.
10-07-2014 PILEBUCL New program. Analyzes an end bearing pile for lateral stability using a second-order an iterative procedure.
09-19-2014 LATPILE A correction to deflection printed output.
09-11-2014 PILEWALL For piles in rock, removed the arbitrary "1.3" increase in embeddment which was used in older design methods.
09-11-2014 PILESETL Recompiled program to fix "Path not found" problem.
08-08-2014 VIEWER Updated the ability to "Change Title" (was not working for systems using C:\Program Files\DCALC\SYS")
08-08-2014 LATPILE Program revised so iterate solution when the soil pressure reaches the plastic limit of the soil. Warning appears if soil is too weak for lateral loads.
08-07-2014 DECK Fixed an input error that was occuring for analyzing a deck subjected to a uniform load.
07-23-2014 DCALC Revisions to "Enter Job Directory" routine. Now forces user to enter a job number. (This should eliminate runtime errors such as "file not found", which were caused when DCALCFILES was missing from a job directory).
07-18-2014 BRIJBEAM A correction to the "studs required for strength" calculation for bridges with spans that have entirely in negative moments (Example: Bridges with very short end spans).
06-16-2014 PIER Minor revision, simplifying how load combinations are entered.
06-11-2014 GPE Correction to routine for drawing plan view.
06-11-2014 XSECTION Correction to routine for drawing plate girder in section.
06-11-2014 INTEGRAL Various corrections to allow more piles to be analyzed.
05-27-2014 PCBRIDGE Updated to include Illinois State Highway Tollway Authority (ISHTA) modified bulb-tee beams.
05-19-2014 GPE New program. Draws a general pland and elevation (GPE) using data from DCALC bridge design programs.
05-19-2014 XSECTION New program. Draws bridge cross-section using data from DCALC bridge design programs.
05-07-2014 SEMI-INT New program. Designs semi-integral abutments. Models the abutment as a pile bent with two rows of piles. LRFD design.
04-16-2014 CBRIDGE Correction to deflection computation "without FWS". Error was occuring for single span precast bridges. Was not deducting FWS deflection.
04-08-2014 INTEGRAL The solution method has been improved to agree with FRAME results. (Note: Input file has been revised and will not work with previous version.)
04-07-2014 FRAME Correction to temperature loading.
03-28-2014 INTEGRAL New program for the design of integral abutments.
03-28-2014 ABUTMENT Added a note for user to use program INTEGRAL for integral abutments.
03-28-2014 BEAMELEV Added a warning that bearing seat elevations are based on the assumption that all plate girder pieces are cambered. If some pieces are uncambered, designer to adjust.
03-20-2014 ISOFOOT Correction to a graphic showing straight or bent top bar on right view.
02-26-2014 BEARPRES Corrected an error that was occuring for conventional formula used reading boring data.
02-26-2014 ABUTMENT User can now adjust load factors for group loads. Fixed an error with the ASD option.
02-26-2014 PIER Revised to allow a sloped cap beam.
02-12-2014 PCBRIDGE Revision to ultimate moment capacity calculation, for cases when compression depth exceeds the thickness of the slab.
02-03-2014 GEOMETRY Uploaded a new chapter of program manual, "Solving Geomtry Problems Using DCALC", which describes how to use GEOMETRY
01-27-2014 EXCAV Various corrections to graphics displayed in output.
01-27-2014 STLBEAM Corrected an error that was sometimes occuring in the calculation of "Cb" in the LRFD computation.
01-03-2014 GEOMETRY Various additional features and improvements.
01-03-2014 DECK Correction to selection of span shown for precast concrete beams.
01-03-2014 LOADER Correction to graphics in calculation, showing bulb-tees.
01-03-2014 DCBRIDGE Correction to graphics showing beams consisting of more than 2 segments.
12-27-2013 GEOMETRY New program, for solving geometry problems. To be used for checking or determining dimensions shown in plans or shop drawings.
11-26-2013 PCBRIDGE Fixed an error in section properties computation for bulb-tees (error was for items "e", "f" and "g" in bulb-tee sketch.)
11-25-2013 GEOWALL New program. Designs a temporary geotextile wall using AASHTO LRFD and Illinois DOT methodology.
11-19-2013 PTBRIDGE New program. Designs a cast-in-place post-tensioned bridge, from 1 to 6 spans. (This program was an older DCALC DOS program, modified to LRFD code loading. Uses Standard Spec for design of rebar.)
11-06-2013 CBRIDGE Fixed an error that was occuring for 6 span bridges when computing two trucks 50' minimum apart.
10-30-2013 SPLICE Corrections to new errors introduced in 10-28-13 revisions!
10-28-2013 SPLICE For LRFD composite splices, now checks for web splice using separate load cases, in lieu of using maximum Mu, Vu and Hu.
10-23-2013 DCALC Small revision, for saving job directory names which include spaces.
10-10-2013 BEAMELEV A round-off error was corrected for curved lines interesecting with pier skews very close to, but not equal to, 90 degrees.
10-10-2013 DECKELEV A round-off error was corrected for curved lines interesecting with pier skews very close to, but not equal to, 90 degrees.
09-23-2013 LATPILE Printing function revised to allow for number larger than 2,147,483,648 ("long integers").
09-03-2013 PILEWALL Correction to Coulomb passive "Kp" factor. Now uses LRFD Fig. in lieu of formula. Added a corrosion thickness option, per IDOT Bridge Manual
09-03-2013 PIER Eliminated footing and crashwall modeling in FRAME model. Simplified FRAME model to include only cap beam and columns.
08-30-2013 PILEWALL An option now provided for computing Coulomb pressures below lagging, per IDOT Bridge Manual
08-27-2013 BRIJBEAM Minor correction for checking compactness using Standard Specification.
08-14-2013 CONDIAPH New program. Computes the moments in continuity diaphragms used in prestressed concrete beam bridges.
08-09-2013 SEALCOAT Correction to weigths of piles.
08-05-2013 PIER Reading output from PCBRIDGE, removed impact from live load reactions.
08-01-2013 PIER Correction to reading live load reaction output from PCBRIDGE calculation.
07-25-2013 SPLICE Further refinements for LRFD. Separate tension and compression checks for flange splices.
07-24-2013 SPLICE Included an additional check for axial compression in flange splice plates (previously was checking only for fracture on net area).
07-15-2013 PCBRIDGE Fixed an operating system based error introduced recently into PCBRIDGE, TORSION and PILEWALL.
07-03-2013 PCBRIDGE Corrected an error that can occur when strands are revised repeatedly.
05-23-2013 DCBRIDGE A potential error corrected for the intersection point of a curved line with highly skewed bridges. This error was also corrected in DECKELEV and BEAMELEV programs.
05-01-2013 PILEWALL Added an option for applying active pressure behind the pile over a width of 1*B rather than 3*B used for passive pressure. (The difference in the application of pressure widths is implied in the LRFD Specifications Fig. 3.11/5/6-4)
04-26-2013 CBRIDGE Correction to reaction computation. Was computing too high live load reactions for continuous spans.
04-12-2013 TORSION Correction to a procedure for void polygon (such as would occur for void inside a box girder).
04-11-2013 BURSPIPE New program. Anaysis of buried steel pipes.
03-25-2013 TORSION New program. Computes the torsional properties of any shape using a numerical solution.
03-04-2013 WINDTUN2 New program. 2D simulation of wind flow pattern based on viscous unsteady flow using vorticity-stream function formulation.
03-04-2013 WINDTUN1 New program. 2D analysis of wind velocities and pressures on a structure based on inviscous steady state flow.
02-15-2013 SEEPAGE New program. Computes seepage for four types of structures by solving a 2D flow net using an iterative approach.
01-28-2013 SPLICE Correction to LRFD composite splice design. Was computing web design shear as Vuw=0.
01-10-2013 RETWALL Method of how to apply LL surcharge over heel was revised to be consistent with LRFD Fig. C11.5.5-3.
01-09-2013 GENCABLE New program. General analysis of cable structures, comprised of tension cable and compression rods.
01-09-2013 RETWALL Added LRFD sliding resistance check.
01-04-2013 STIFCABL New program for the analysis of stiffened cable structures. To be used after running ISOCABLE.
01-04-2013 RETWALL Correction to pile footing input for LRFD design. (Was not computing "d" bars.)
12-28-2012 ISOCABLE New program. Non-linear analysis of isolated cable supporting weights, used for catenary and suspension structures.
12-21-2012 CBRIDGE Correction to positive lane load moment computation for Standard Spec designs. (Error was introduced in August, 2012)
12-11-2012 RETWALL LRFD Design option added.
12-07-2012 PCBRIDGE Minor editing of detailed calculations for checking fatigue stresses.
12-06-2012 EXCAV Corrections to multiple errors.
12-02-2012 DCALC Small revision, to make program compatible with Windows 7.
11-21-2012 VIEWCAD The "Make a CAD Detail" menu button on the DCALC menu now has an addtional option to "Make A DXF file".
11-14-2012 SCUPPER New program. Determines bridge scupper spacings using IDOT methodology.
11-09-2012 CBRIDGE Reaction table for special vehicle includes lane load. Title was corrected to reflect this.
10-31-2012 SEALCOAT New program. Determines seal coat concrete thickness for cofferdams in water, using IDOT methodology.
10-26-2012 CBRIDGE Manual entry option of special vehicle loads corrected.
10-12-2012 CBRIDGE Correction to truck live load reaction for simple span condition.
10-10-2012 CBRIDGE "Special Vehicle Reactions" were including impact in table, even table stated "(w/o impact)". Impact has been removed from special vehicle reactions.
10-09-2012 PCBRIDGE Added concrete fatigue stress check at centers of spans.
10-08-2012 2D-TO-3D Revised name of program from "2D-TO-3D" to "TWOTO3", due to problems in Windows 7 being able to handle that file name (numbers and/or hyphens causing the problem?)
10-04-2012 PILEWALL Correction to LRFD design (miss-spelled variable was causing program to analyze walls in clay as ASD temporary design)
09-18-2012 DCALC Revised for logging in, checking licenses, activation status.
08-29-2012 BEARINGS Updated to 2012 IDOT Manual.
08-29-2012 CBRIDGE A correction to shear for special vehicles combined with lane load.
08-28-2012 PCBRIDGE Updated minimum reinforcement to new 2012 LRFD/IDOT equation Changed camber factors to "1.80" and "1.85". Corrected an error for reading special vehicle moments and shears.
08-27-2012 VERIFY New program, for the verification of live load moments computed in CBRIDGE. Shows live load case graphically and prepares a FRAME file fo checking moments.
08-27-2012 CBRIDGE Added a live load moment verification option for new program "VERIFY".
08-24-2012 CBRIDGE A fix for simple spans with special vehicles.
08-21-2012 CBRIDGE Error introduced a few weeks ago, in factored negative live load moment calculation.
08-20-2012 CBRIDGE Correction for Standard Specification calculation. Was not applying "use composite section properties throughout".
08-16-2012 PILEWALL Added LRFD design option.
08-14-2012 BEARPRES Further corrections and refinements made during the verfication process.
08-13-2012 TRIALWEG More corrections made during verification.
08-12-2012 TRIALWEG Correction to various errors found during verification process. Uploaded expanded "Chapter 10". which includes verification examples.
08-07-2012 CBRIDGE Added new IL Tollway design vehicle "IL-120". Note that when using this new option, this is a called a "special vehicle". There is a file, "ILTOLLWAY.TRK" in DCALC which describes the IL-120 vehicle.
08-03-2012 CBRIDGE Revised the design lane loading from uniform across bridge to a skip loading for the negative moment case with "0.9 Two Truck + 0.9 Lane". (Wording "uniform" in LRFD Article, "For both negative moment...under a uniform load on all spans...", had caused misinterpretation.)
07-20-2012 BEARPRES Corrections to footing on slope calc. Uploaded "Chapter 10: Adapting Graphical Coulomb Methods to Numerical Solutions", to Manual/Tutorials.
07-20-2012 COLUMN Revision to improve accuracy of "MN".
07-16-2012 BEARPRES New program. Computes the ultimate soil bearing pressure for a footing or round shaft using a numerical procedure.
07-16-2012 EXCAV New program. Designs excavation bracing consisting of steel sheeting, soldier piling or wood boards.
07-16-2012 TRIALWEG Updated to allow for multi-layered soil
05-15-2012 BRIJBEAM Corrected in error in negative moment transferred to SPLICE program.
05-15-2012 BRIJBEAM Correction to headings shown for Strength I Load Combinations. Had "-Mll+i" and "+Mll+i" switched.
05-14-2012 ISOFOOT New Program. Designs an isolated footing for buildings, with or without tiebacks.
03-27-2012 TIEWALL Corrections to default parameters.
03-21-2012 SHTPILE Incorporates LRFD sheet piling design using the provisions of IDOT ABM 11.4
03-21-2012 ABUTMENT Correction to output printed under "Vertical Loads Distributed Over Beam Seat Length".
03-15-2012 PIER Correction to a conversion for LRFD live load lane reaction: Lane LL Reaction=Beam LL Reaction/DF for shear (was incorrectly using DF for moment)
03-15-2012 SUBLOADS Correction to a conversion for LRFD live load lane reaction: Lane LL Reaction=Beam LL Reaction/DF for shear (was incorrectly using DF for moment).
02-13-2012 PLATE Correction to calculation for concentrated loads applied to plate.
02-13-2012 BRIJBEAM Correction to Cb computation.
02-02-2012 All Programs All programs have been revised to allow the use of widescreen monitors.
01-05-2012 CBRIDGE Added new reaction output, showing lane load only reactions (LRFD designs only)
01-05-2012 BRIJBEAM Fixed a new bug that was caused by the previous "fix" in Cb calculation.
12-15-2011 BRIJBEAM Minor correction to "Cb" calculation. Was computing too large a moment at ends of unbraced length.
12-12-2011 SUBLOADS Correction to input, for single span bridges with abutments only.
11-07-2011 DECKELEV Additional input error checking incorporated
11-06-2011 BRIJBEAM Correction to LF Standard Spec design of negative composite moment capacity calculation.
09-28-2011 CBRIDGE Added capability to analyze for special permit vehicles.
09-28-2011 PCBRIDGE Added capability to analyze for special permit vehicles
09-28-2011 BRIJBEAM Added capability to analyze for special permit vehicles.
09-16-2011 SPLICE For Standard Spec LFD web splice design, revised the the "I" used for flexural stresses from "Inet" to "Igross", to be consistent with LRFD policy.
09-08-2011 ABUTMENT Extensively revised for LRFD design.
09-03-2011 SUBLOADS New program. Computes loads from superstructure to be used for abutment design.
08-26-2011 PIER Minor editing of substructure on wind detailed calculation: Area is "(sf)" not "(k)".
08-10-2011 PIER Correction for reading right median dimensions from DCBRIDGE.
07-15-2011 SPLICE Extensively revised for designing LRFD composite splices.
07-14-2011 BRIJBEAM Revisions required for passing additional data to the revised SPLICE program.
06-27-2011 BRIJBEAM Fatigue shear value used by SPLICE program was corrected for Fatigue II type loads.
06-06-2011 BRIJBEAM Minor correction to detailed output: Checking LRFD Eq. for continuous spans, upper limit Mn=1.3*Rn*My.
05-21-2011 PILESETL Included a check of internal forces in pile
05-18-2011 BRIJBEAM Minor change to a detailed calculation (variable "Lrw" (LRFD was miss-spelled in code)
05-11-2011 BRIJBEAM Corrected a new error introduced in previous revision
05-09-2011 PILESETL Analysis assumes that the bottom soil layer extends a minimum of 20 feet below the bottom of the pile.
05-03-2011 BRIJBEAM Correction to number of studs for strength calculation.
05-02-2011 CBRIDGE Correction to CBRIDGE that was introduced in 5-1-11 update.
05-01-2011 BRIJBEAM Allows for composite design of beams in negative moment areas. Note: To update previous designs: 1. Retrieve beam file, 2. Enter basic data, again, entering deck bars, 3. Rerun CBRIDGE, 4. Return to BRIJBEAM.
05-01-2011 CBRIDGE Revision for compatibility with steel beams designed as composite in negative moment regions
05-01-2011 PCBRIDGE Revision for compatibility with revised CBRIDGE input
02-14-2011 PIER Correctiion to interface with DCBRIDGE
02-04-2011 STLBEAM Minor correction to input of loads for existing calculations.
01-26-2011 BRIJBEAM Correction to fatigue truck stud design for bridges with low ADTTs1.
01-24-2011 WEBOPENG New program. Checks the capacity of beams with openings using AISC design guidelines.
01-20-2011 STLBEAM Correction to partially composite Ieff calculation.
01-14-2011 BRIJBEAM Correction to bracing location entry.
01-13-2011 PIER Correction to input reading of DCBRIDGE file.
01-13-2011 DCBRIDGE Correction to output file required for PIER program.
12-13-2010 TRIALWEG New program. Computes pressures behind walls using the trial wedge method.
12-13-2010 MSEWALL Modified to allow for trial wedge option. Interfaces with new program, TRIALWEG.
11-01-2010 DECK Fixed a typo in Mservice I equations for top bars.
09-20-2010 SHTPILE Added a warning that the angle of slope cannot exceed the internal angle of friction.
09-14-2010 PILESETL New program. Computes pile settlement of single pile or pile group. Also posted new Chapter 9, "Pile Design Using DCALC".
09-13-2010 CBRIDGE Correction to fatigue truck loading that was occuring for very short end spans causing a runtime error.
09-03-2010 PILE Revision to input and output files for compatibility with a new pile settlement program.
08-12-2010 BRIJBEAM Corrected detailed calculation for composite full plastic moment.
08-09-2010 DECK Increased number of beams. Corrected detail showing sidewalk.
08-09-2010 SPLICE Added capability for designing a splice in a single span bridge.
07-29-2010 BRIJBEAM For one span bridges, allows having two sections
07-26-2010 LOADER Correction to detailed calculation for superimposed dead load with sidewalks.
07-09-2010 DRAWLIST Revision to form was required because of outdated Visual Basic control.
06-11-2010 BRIJBEAM Adjustment to accuracy of Mmax location in stud shear calc for LRFD
06-08-2010 DCBRIDGE New correction.
06-07-2010 DCBRIDGE Revision to output, to correct when a user enters the same names for transverse lines. This change also required revisions to the following programs: LOADER, BRIJBEAM, PCBRIDGE and PIER.
06-01-2010 PILE Modifications added to output for compatibility with a new program for computing pile settlement.
05-28-2010 STLBEAM Corrected a newly introduced error in beam input.
05-21-2010 SHTPILE Corrected an error in moment calculation for sheet piling located in water (was computing too large a moment in sheeting)
05-18-2010 PILE New program. Estimates driven pile length using Modified IDOT Static Method
04-26-2010 TIEWALL New program. Designs walls in cuts with grouted ground anchors in sand or clay.
04-12-2010 DECK Fixed typo for Mservice1 moment in detailed calculation.
04-08-2010 BEARINGS Minor changes to call-outs of figures in IDOT Bridge Manual regarding bearing plate thicknesses
02-18-2010 BEARINGS Revised "C" values fot top beam plate design, per latest IDOT Bridge Manual, Figure
02-16-2010 DCBRIDGE An additional error checking procedure, to verify user input.
02-16-2010 SECTPROP Another correction to input.
02-15-2010 SECTPROP Correction to data entry.
02-08-2010 PIER Correction to critical location of pile footing shear computed on the "right" side of pier footing, looking in elevation view.
01-27-2010 STLBEAM Corrected a condition were program was not recalculating section properties when section changes.
12-23-2009 CONCBM Fixed typo for detailed flexural design calc: As,req'd=12*M/[.9*Fy*(d-a/2)]
11-02-2009 ELEVS Correction to cross-slope drop computation, for keyboard entry when point is outside limits defining cross-slopes.
08-21-2009 PILEWALL Corrections to output for piles in rock.
08-17-2009 SETTLE Additional refinement to secondary consolidation term. Rather than "Ca", now uses "Ca/Cc" as a percent of primary consolidation
08-14-2009 SETTLE Corrections and adjustments to secondary settlement calculation.
07-28-2009 DECKELEV Revised deck elevation output to print 2 decimal places (previously 3 decimal places), to be consistent with IDOT's Bridge Manual.
07-27-2009 SETTLE New program. Computes settlement of footings, caissons and embankments using a numerical integration approach to Boussinesq's solution. Also uploaded Chapter 8 of manual, "Settlement Computations Using DCALC".
07-27-2009 BORING Various changes made to make compatible with program SETTLE.
06-30-2009 DECK Corrected file path to LRFD Table A4-1
06-30-2009 BORING Correction to entry of UCS soil type.
05-21-2009 DECK Correction to "Check Control of Cracking" calculation.
05-18-2009 BORING New program for collecting soil boring log information into a database. Also, creates a scale drawing of a boring, for plotting subsurface profiles. (This program is planned to be used by future DCALC substructure design programs.)
05-12-2009 PIER Correction to column dead load, if user enters "0" for crashwall height.
05-06-2009 CBRIDGE Fixed to read "Ec" computed by PCBRIDGE based on fc' (beam)
04-28-2009 VIEWER Correction to option for filling in "Checked by" in calculations.
04-11-2009 DECK New program. Designs transverse bridge deck reinforcement per LRFD, using equivalent slab strip method.
04-11-2009 DCALC Added "DECK" program to Bridge Design Flowchart
03-13-2009 PIER Deleted bearing "friction" input for expansion bearings. Correction to direction of braking force.
03-11-2009 PIER Correction to reading input from DCBRIDGE (distances along transverse lines).
03-05-2009 LOADER Minor correction to printout for LRFD shear distribution, one design lane loaded (was showing "/12" not "/25". Computed value was correct.)
02-27-2009 DCBRIDGE Corrected page numbering (reset to "1", for each time printing during session).
02-26-2009 FRAME Corrected an error in translation to STAAD model.
02-25-2009 BEAMELEV Error corrected for alignments curving right.
02-21-2009 PIER Added a summary of footing analysis forces, to be used for checking purposes. Corrected an error in wind force calculation applied to pier with double bearings.
02-05-2009 BEARINGS Elastomeric bearing tables updated to current IDOT Bridge Manual.
02-04-2009 PIER Correction to effective footing pressure, LRFD (Was causing error if eccentricity is negative)
02-02-2009 PCBRIDGE Minor correction to gross weight criteria determining the number of lifting loops required.
01-30-2009 BRIJBEAM A correction to the detailed calculation for LRFD composite plastic moment.
01-29-2009 PCBRIDGE Added a calculation for checking fatigue in reinforcement over pier.
01-27-2009 PCBRIDGE Revised to conform to AASHTO LRFD 2008 Interim Revisions, and IDOT Design Guides Section 3.4
01-26-2009 LOADER Correction to span number in summary table for bridges using precast beams.
01-16-2009 BEARINGS Correction to low profile steel bearing bottom plate thickness calculation.
11-19-2008 PILEWALL Minor correction. Walls with slopes have surcharge set to zero.
11-07-2008 PLATE Correction to load combination entry, when the number of loadings exceeds 6.
11-06-2008 PILEWALL AASHTO Standard Spec Article 5.6.5 requires a F.S.>1.5 against passive failure. Depth of embedment adjusted for this criteria.
10-03-2008 PCBRIDGE Minor change to the printout showing the strand type.
09-29-2008 CBRIDGE LRFD Article states that the stiffness of continuous composite steel bridges should be based on composite flexural properties along the length of the bridge. However, some bridge agencies (IDOT) use non-composite properties in negative moment regions. This revisions allows the designer to select which option to use.
09-26-2008 BEAM Minor correction to input for beams with variable moment of inertia.
09-23-2008 SHTPILE Corrections made to input for sheet piling option with two tiebacks, F.E.M. option.
09-16-2008 CBRIDGE LRFD negative moment case with 90% two trucks 50' apart + 90% design lane: Design lane is uniform across bridge. Previously program used "skipped" loading pattern for design lane for maximum moment effect.
09-08-2008 MODAL New program. Solves for the modal response of a structure subject to forced excitation or support movement. (New manual Chapter 7: "Solving Structural Dynamics Problems Using DCALC", describes the use of this program.)
09-08-2008 DYNAMIC Revised input format. (Note: previous DYNAMIC files will not run properly with new format.)
09-08-2008 FRAME Corrected an error introduced in latest revision on 9-5-08.
09-05-2008 OSCILATE Corrected an equation for oscillator subject to sinusoidal support movement.
09-05-2008 FRAME Corrected an error in end moment due to selfweight. Added "ratio of gross properties" feature. Added ability to read soon-to-be released MODAL program output.
09-04-2008 SPLICE Corrected an "OK/NG" printout in LRFD Web Splice Design, under "Check Service II Bolt Shear".
08-25-2008 PCBRIDGE LRFD's Modulus of Elasticity for concrete, Equation, adjusted to use unit weight of concrete in LRFD Table 3.5.1-1(program previously computed Es using Standard Spec equation)-multiple revisions.
08-13-2008 BRIJBEAM Corrected a variable in check for compact composite section, Standard Spec. (results were previously conservative, not allowing Mu greater than My).
08-08-2008 CBRIDGE Correction to deflection calculation for concentrated dead loads acting on single span bridges.
08-08-2008 PCBEAM Correction to ultimate capacity calculation for untopped hollow-core slabs.
08-07-2008 VIEWER Revision to program that sends calculation to printer. Certain mathematical symbols were not printing correctly, due to latest Windows Service Pack update.
08-04-2008 FRAME Minor correction to hinged-fixed K stiffness (was locking up after latest revision)
07-24-2008 LOADER Correction to distribution of parapet weight to "N" beams ("Method 2" in program).
07-23-2008 PCBRIDGE Revised default strand type to 1/2" diameter, low-relaxation strands
07-21-2008 DYNAMIC New program. Computes the natural frequencies and modal shapes of plane frames, space frames and plane grids. Uses structural model created using FRAME program.
07-21-2008 FRAME Revision to "Beta" angle input. Was previously limited to Beta=0 or Beta=90 degrees. Can now compute any Beta angle. Shear stiffness properties of members are now included in stiffness properties.
07-21-2008 ABUTMENT Minor correction to service load design option.
07-02-2008 BEARINGS Correction to pot bearing stud calculation.
06-17-2008 FRAME Minor correction to titles printed at top of page.
06-13-2008 PCBRIDGE Correction to fpc printed in shear design, Standard Spec. method
06-11-2008 PCBRIDGE Correction to auto-input for low relaxation strands (fsi=202 ksi).
06-11-2008 PCBEAM Correction to auto-input for low relaxation strands (fsi=202 ksi).
06-04-2008 BRIJBEAM "n" used for fatigue cycles in LRFD Table revised. For continuous girders greater than 40', n=1.0 (rather than previously used n=1.5 which was required "near support"). Revision consistent with current IDOT practice.
05-29-2008 LOADER LRFD fatigue distribution factor, set to equal the larger of LRFD one lane moment DF or one lane shear DF, divided by 1.2. One fatigue DF (the larger) is now used by CBRIDGE, in lieu of two, to simplify the analysis.
05-29-2008 BRIJBEAM Another correction to shear stud strength parameter, "Alpha" used in equation
05-28-2008 BRIJBEAM Revision to LRFD shear stud fatigue resistance equation (missing 1/2 factor). Revision to LRFD Strength I ductility factor, nd=1.0 (was previously showing nd=0.95, but was actually using nd=1.0).
04-29-2008 CBRIDGE Correction to LRFD positive moment (was too high)
04-14-2008 CBRIDGE Minor correction to file format for reading/writing number of superimposed concentrated loads.
04-09-2008 CBRIDGE For fatigue loading, a revision to live load distribution factor for shear. Previously used same DF for both moment and shear. Revised to use separate factors.
04-02-2008 SPANDREL Updated to ACI 318-2008
04-01-2008 OSCILATE New program. Computes the response of a simple oscillator to either sinusoidal or general excitation. Excitation can be either force applied to mass or a support movement.
02-27-2008 BEARINGS Revised top bearing plate thickness constants, "C", to those used in the current IDOT Bridge Manual
01-21-2008 INFLUENC New program. Computes influence line coefficients for bridges. (Some agencies require that influence line diagrams be shown in plans, to be used for computing moments due to permit vehicles.)
01-07-2008 BRIJBEAM Corrected several printing format errors in LRFD beam detailed calcs. Fixed error in "I" used in LRFD detailed stud spacing calc.
12-30-2007 DAPPEDBM Updated to the PCI Design Handbook, 6th Edition
12-07-2007 BRIJBEAM Service load design correction to detailed stress calculations for beams.
11-05-2007 BRIJBEAM A revision to braced length computed for composite beams, Standard Spec designs.
11-01-2007 CBRIDGE LRFD live load reactions use shear DF, not moment DF.
10-25-2007 DECKELEV Program asks user if they need a text (TXT) file, also, that is readable by other programs.
10-15-2007 SECTPROP Added the ability to compute transformed section properties.
10-12-2007 SECTPROP A new program. Computes section properties of complex shapes, comprised of any combination of polygons, circles, voids and steel shapes.
10-03-2007 BRIJBEAM A correction to "C" value in Standard Spec Section for plate girders.
10-02-2007 PCBRIDGE Shear stirrup calculation corrected to recognize user's option to ignore vertical component of prestress force in draped zones. Also in LRFD shear calculation, a correction to "ex" computation.
09-24-2007 CBRIDGE Output file (read by other programs) adjusted to save "Deflections for deck elevations", without deflection due to future wearing surface load.
09-17-2007 PCBRIDGE Added a check for case when user does not design all spans, before printing calcs.
09-13-2007 PIER Interface with DCBRIDGE adjusted for condition when station line is left of deck.
09-13-2007 PCBRIDGE Input number of spans read from DCBRIDGE increased
09-12-2007 CORBEL Changed certain fonts to Greek symbols in printout.
09-12-2007 PCBRIDGE Corrections to "X" and "Vu" in shear design portion.
09-11-2007 PCBRIDGE Correction to printed location of "X" in shear design using Standard Spec method. (On calc where "Compute Vcw" appears at top of sheet)
09-04-2007 STLBEAM Program was not finding metal deck property table.
08-23-2007 DCBRIDGE Incorporation of a warning message, if user enters more than two centerlines of bearings at abutments.
08-21-2007 BEARINGS Correction to symbol for "degree".
08-20-2007 PCBRIDGE Correction to value of "k" used in LRFD computation of flexural resistance, Section Correction to maximum stirrup spacing calculation, applying to LRFD
08-13-2007 PLATE A new program. Solves for moments and reactions in rectangular plates.
08-13-2007 FRAME Added a progress bar, to show status of global matrix inversion process
06-09-2007 PCBEAM Corrected various printed output errors.
05-25-2007 DCBRIDGE Corrected an error in "Alternative Entry" of transverse lines. This error occured if the station line is straight and inclined (not horizontal) in plan view.
05-04-2007 DRAWFRAME Adjustment to text size shown in 3D FRAME document.
05-02-2007 FRAME Increased maximum number of load cases from 30 to 40.
04-25-2007 LOADER An error in span lengths for steel beams, used in the determination of LRFD distribution factor was corrected.
04-20-2007 BRIJBEAM A correction to detailed LRFD shear calculation for beams. Test condition for shear capacity versus load end had "OK" and "NG" logic reversed.
04-20-2007 DRAWFRAME Minor revisions. Points marked more clearly in DesignCAD, for creation of plane frames and plane grids models.
04-19-2007 STLBEAM Correction to composite section properties
03-25-2007 FRAME A significant revision to the solution method with improved accuracy. Errors had been detected for frames with inclined members (such as roof beams). This revision corrects for those conditions,
03-19-2007 VIEWER The word "DEMO" is always printed on top of calculations in the C:\DCALC\DEMO directory. An explaination warns valid users that "DEMO" will appear, even though DCALC has been activated.
03-19-2007 DCALC DCALC requires a display aspect ratio of 1.33=Width/Height. A warning is given to users if display aspect ratio is greater than 1.33.
02-14-2007 PCBRIDGE Added the ability to design multiple simple spans.
02-14-2007 CBRIDGE Added the ability to analyze multiple simple spans, for prestressed concrete bridges
02-08-2007 MSEWALL A correction to computed pressures caused by a terraced MSE wall above a lower MSE wall
02-07-2007 DCBRIDGE Change effecting "alternative entry" for longitudinal lines curving to the right.
02-07-2007 PIER An adjustment to joint spacings in footing for FRAME. Correction to longitudinal footing reinforcement calculation. Correction to multiple load input for FRAME.
02-06-2007 FRAME Fixed side scroll on load combination menu, to show all load combs.
02-06-2007 PIER Correction to Standard Spec. Load Combination VI input for FRAME file.
02-01-2007 DECKELEV A correction for screed points involved in lines transitioning from straight to curved in the middle of a bridge.
02-01-2007 BRIJBEAM Minor change to Moment Table output, required for drawing creating CAD files.
01-31-2007 DECKELEV Corrected computed offset for curves turning to the right.
01-31-2007 FRAME Fixed problem with joint loading entry "Copy Above" button, if at top of page and copying from previous sheet.
01-31-2007 PIER Fixed detailed calculation of "MH" with respect to center of pile group. Also fixed calculation of maximum pile reaction shown for transverse reinforcing detailed calc.
01-24-2007 DCALC Incorporated web based activation process and checking for updates. Revised interfaces with web to be compliant with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.
01-19-2007 PCBRIDGE Increased the maximum number of strands to 80 strands.
01-17-2007 DCALC Allowed recognition of "c: [something]" in drive name for local users.
1-11-2007 BRIJBEAM Fixed error in printed output for plate girder designed by Stand. Spec. to include live load moment
12-21-2006 FRAME Torsional stiffness of rectangles made to agree with ACI 318, Chapter 13 formula
12-21-2006 FRAME Fixed an error in the "delete loading" button. Fixed error in scrolling for loading entry.
12-21-2006 PIER Adjusted footing joint coordinates generated by FRAME to be no closer than 6 inches from column.
12-16-2006 PIER 20 psf uplift force no longer applied to all wind directions, only perpendicular case
12-16-2006 PIER Fixed error in spring constant for KMZ created for "FRAME" program